Careers Overview

Careers overview

Since the inception of PVKCorporation in 2007, the qualified and experienced professionals at have provided our customers with top quality service around the world. Our people enrich the Company with extensive real-world experience, expeditionary spirit and innovative thinking. PVKCorporation Recruiting & Staffing Services provides professional recruiting and staffing solutions for several customers in North American region. Please use the links below to learn more about our career opportunities.

Work Life

Our Culture

PVKCorporation believes in the wisdom of the crowd where everyone has a voice. We strive to make decisions based on our principles and values. PVKCorporation continuously shape and nurture our company culture. We believe that as PVK associate you wish to make a personal contribution; that you prefer to work with people that you respect and that respect you in turn; and that you desire your contribution be acknowledged by others


Your opinion matters. We expect you to share your ideas and thoughts that will improve our but not limited to processes which increase efficiency, increase customer or associate satisfaction where sky is the limit, develop new products and services or cost reduction. Our open door policy encourages each and every associate of PVKCorporation regardless of position to discuss your ideas and career plans with associates and even with the CEO.

Energy and Customer focus.

We are proud of our associates’ high energy levels and aggressiveness of ‘never-say-die’ attitude as we go to extra mile to satisfy our customers. Each year PVK associates choose which of their colleagues have gone the ‘extra mile’ and we celebrate the best of the best ‘PVK Stars’.

Performance and integrity

PVK focuses on performance. While we support and applaud your effort through hard work or smart work, we really upkeep about achievement of your personal objectives. We are firm to connect with you and approve your objectives in the context of the Company objectives. We provide you with required resources and trainings to remove bottle necks which are coming your way to perform. PVKCorporation expects that you will assume full personal accountability and integrity for achieving your goals aligning with the organization goals.

Empowerment and Teamwork

PVK empowers you to act entrepreneurially and encourages you to take decisions which helps both PVKCorporation and PVK associate. Early succession planning is one of the uniqueness of PVK succession planning program. We keep continuous track in all aspects of our future managers’ performance, especially your contribution of work as part of a team. Do you come forward and volunteer to help others? Do you share knowledge with others? Are you able to resolve conflict by focusing on the situation or behaviour, rather than focusing on the person? Are you able to put the success of the team ahead of your personal success?