IT Automation Solutions

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning Automation

PVK Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning automation solution provides clients with a comprehensive and efficient approach to DR/BCP process implementation, maintenance, and regulatory compliance.

Microsoft Exchange Migration Automation

This solution ensures drastic reduction in the number of ongoing manual steps, effectively mitigating the chances of errors, risk and business disruptions. It also enforces and helps sustain 100% regulatory compliance.

Identity & Access Management Automation

This solution automates identity related controls across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. It helps to manage user identities and govern what users can and cannot access based on their role and how they use the data.

Database Provisioning Automation

PVK’s Database Provisioning Automation solution helps overcome the blues of manual, repetitive tasks associated with provisioning and maintenance of databases as well as pain of related SLA and compliance issues.

Application Performance Management Solutions

This solution helps achieve the delight of the end users and stake holders application by enforcing and sustaining optimal application performance levels in centralized or across distributed sites.

Application-to-Cloud Migration

This solution enables pre- and post-migration performance benchmarking assurance for service providers and their enterprise customers. It also reduces cap-ex by eliminating over-provisioning of application infrastructure in the Cloud.