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Permanent Staffing

Permanent staffing varies from company to company and as the competition in the market is increasing day by day, quality focus is becoming highly necessary to the organizations. The time is crucial and the circumstances are critical which creating immense pressure and trouble for recruiting quality candidates on permanent basis by the organizations.

PVK Corporation Permanent staffing Services solve the recruitment problem of its clients by providing lot number of expert perfectionist top performers. We follow scientific methods of logical analysis for the selection of right candidates who will become a permanent asset to the organization. With our expertise in interviewing, assessing and identifying talent across, we provide permanent staffing solutions to all sorts of companies be it a fortune 500 company, or growing midsize company or even a start up

Contract Staffing

Contract IT Staffing in India for small and mid-size IT and software Industry is no longer an untouchable business strategy. Small and mid-size IT and Software companies in India now can take advantage of Contract Staffing offered by PVK and can access the IT and Software experts for their short and mid-term project needs.

PVK offer IT and Software professionals for Project Based Contract to our clients at a very competitive rates which allows them to have less investment on resources and still get more profitability. We offer a Win Win situation by leveraging on Contract Staffing to the IT and Software Industry. Contract Staffing benefits:

  • Specific Skilled resource
  • Project completion within deadlines
  • Saves time and Money

Contract to Hire Staffing

Contract-to-Hire staffing solutions enables clients to fill a full-time position after an on the job performance evaluation. It is an intermediate staffing solution where a candidate is employed on a temporary basis with an intention to be absorbed on a permanent role after evaluating his/ her skills and capabilities for a specific period. As an employer, you get tremendous flexibility in terms of monitoring work performance of a consultant prior to making a formal offer of employment.

  • Reduce HR and operational costs
  • Increased return on investment
  • Flexibility to hire staff in core business areas
  • Opportunity to train the employee to specific skills
  • Opportunity to hire only high performing talent in the organization