This is a service that enables live chat for web site owners and business associates with the web site visitors. It combines real-time traffic monitoring with chat capability. When a visitor first hits a page of your website, you immediately know the visitor's IP address or domain name, which page on your site the user is viewing and if the user used a search engine or referring site to get to your site you know that information as well. But perhaps most importantly, you can send a custom message to the user to invite them to join you for a chat.

This Service will enable you to do all of the below...easily.
  • Get directly to qualified leads
  • See who is viewing your website in real-time
  • Know instantly who they are, what they are looking for
  • See what page they are on
  • Push a chat window out to them to engage them in a conversation
  • Help visitors pushing a web page directly to their browser
  • Guide users through your website while they are there
  • Set up live help on your website
  • Combine target marketing with great personalized service
This Service helps in improving…

Sales/Leads: Visitors are much more likely to act when questions can be immediately answered.

Technical Support: Operators can interact with users to quickly solve problems. Email and Live web can be combined to form a powerful electronic sales tool? Outbound email campaigns with a "talk to us now" link exceptionally increases conversion rates.

We will provide 24X7 Live help desk Support to organizations to help their customers round the clock